About Me

You are here which means you want to know a little more about me.

I started writing short stories online in a blog and then later started writing ebooks.

The very first ebook published was Short Love Stories (Vol 1) only has 32 pages with 14 short stories.

After that, I focused on writing more and more.

My first Novel Unspoken Love- The Soul Mate was self-published through Pothi on 19th December 2015 and it got a good response and reviews.

This made me feel like a writer, although only a few people knew who I was.

My second Novel Love Like A Fairy Tale was published by Educreation Publication on 7th October 2016.

Some of my latest published ebooks:

  • The Broken Vows
  • Whose Fault
  • Be Miserable or Motivate Yourself

Since then I’ve teamed up with another writer to help keep this blog going. This writer has been blogging since 2008, and specialises in children’s books and self-publishing since 2016. A wealth of knowledge and experience and you can find her books and website at jmcgbooks.com

I know a lot of self-published authors that have not only made a living but have made some serious money writing so it is definitely possible. You need to believe you can do it, practice, learn and keep going.

I am passionate about what writing and self-publishing can do for people. It can really change your life but it does take commitment and hard work.

I hope you find the content on this site informative and useful. If I can help you in anyway on your journey, then I have succeeded. If you want to reach out, send me a note.

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