11 Best Apps For Book Lovers [2023 Updated]

This is a goldmine post for book lovers who have been looking for some good book reading apps that they can use.

And that app can be like a book reading app, a book reviewing app, book library, or anything that a book lovers love to have.

So here I tried to list all the apps that support the above statement.

Ebook reading apps are essential because the number of ebook readers is increasing rapidly and ebook readers will stay for a long time in this digital era.

Must-have Apps for All Book Lovers

Irrespective of what smartphone or tablet you use these are one of the best apps that you should download right now.

Obviously not all of them…

But obviously some…

So here’s the apps list.

1. Goodreads

I know you already have guessed this at number one.

But this is my favorite app on the list.

And not only me, every book lovers, authors, and writers have this app in their smartphone.

If not then they might use its desktop version.

But having an app makes some things a little easier.

Basically it is a social networking site for authors, writers, and book lovers.

And as it is now owned by Amazon itself, so you can enjoy some of the exclusive benefits also.

It has a community of more than 40 million users.

So you can imagine the potential Goodreads has.

It’s your on the go book reader app, provides an effective community, and everything a book lover craves for.

The mobile app barcode scanner will let you scan the books whether you are in your local library or in some bookstores.

You can then add these books to your Goodreads “to read” section and see what’s your friends and community says about it.

It is one of the best apps for book lovers.

2. Amazon Kindle – Ebook App by Amazon

Having a library of millions of ebooks that you can download and read from Amazon.

If you got a kindle and want to use the same library across your all devices like smartphones and tablet then it should be your all-round choice.

The app interface is super clean and has a robust design.

With Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Reading, you can simply select and download ebooks.

It also has features like X-Ray and Whispersync for an amazing reading experience.

It also features highlighting, customization of font size and style, dictionary definitions and loads more.

Click here to get Kindle Unlimited.

3. Amazon Audible

Amazon Audible is the best mobile app for readers who loves listening to a book than reading it.

I also prefer Audiobooks over ebooks as I can listen to my favorite books on the go.

This is for me is the most effective way to complete books in free time like during driving, traveling on the metro, etc.

You can utilize those times effectively if you listen to audiobooks during those times.

Audible has the largest collection of audiobooks on the market.

Surely as it is owned by Amazon itself.

It has a 30-day trial and during this time you will be given 1 credit to download 1 audiobook from any category.

After the trial ends it costs $14.95 per month.

And in this subscription you will be given 1 credit to download any books for free and to download more you have to pay per audiobooks.

And a member can download two of six Audible Originals on the first Friday of every month.

As its having a free trial you can give it a shot.

I am using it and I am loving it.

Audible increased my productivity rate of reading books.

Audible is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Click here to get your Amazon Audible 30-days free trial.


SCRIBD is also called as the “Netflix of Books” as it allows a user to read books as well as listen to Audiobooks on the same platform.

The subscription model of SCRIBD is $8.99 per month and offers users to read and listen to unlimited books for free.

Along with eBooks, you can get Magazine, articles, newspapers, and sheet music.

The SCRIBD app has very good navigation and a super clean user interface.

You can give SCRIBD a try as it also offers 30-days free trial and you can read and listen as many as books you like, though it has a limitation on some selected titles.

The only drawback I found is that after you spend your credit for the month then you can’t make additional purchases on the site.

SCRIBD is available for both Android and iOS devices

Still, it worth to give it a try.

5. Google Play Books

Google also has an eBook reader app just similar to the Amazon Kindle app.

The best side of Google Play Books app is that it comes with integrated Google Translate, Wikipedia, Maps, and other resources.

The font and readability are nice and have a smooth looking user interface.

Once you purchase your favorite book from Google Play/Books it will automatically show in Google Play Books app and also across all your synced devices.

The bottom line is that you have to purchase the books only from Google Play/Books and you can’t import any third-party books in Google Books.

It also has most of the famous collection of books from across the globe, but don’t expect to find all the books which are available on Amazon.

And it is only available for Android.

You can surely use it on your Android devices as it comes pre-installed on every Android smartphone.

And its free android app.

Do give it a shot to read some of the free books to check what you feel about this app.

6. Epic

Epic is one of the best apps for young readers.

Similar to other Ebook reader app it also comes with similar features, but it is especially dedicated to children’s book.

The services in the app include books, Quizzes, and learning videos for kids.

As it focuses on children it has a vibrant and colorful user interface for welcoming the kids to an app.

Epic has a monthly subscription cost of $7.99 per month.

Epic is also available for free for the educator as edtech tool.

This is one of the best apps for book lovers who love to teach the importance of reading to children.

7. Comixology

If you are a comics lover this is a must-have an app for you.

And when it comes to reading comics and graphics novels, Comixology is heaven for its reader.

Comixology has comics of Marvel, DC, and from all other independent publishers.

It is an app every comics lover enjoys as it offers focuses and zooms on each individual panel, making for a seamless reading experience.

Comixology app library syncs across all of your devices and you can get on whatever device you are on.

Even Comixology is now an Amazon Company so there is no worry about future improvement and availability of Comics.

You can either buy individual comics if you want or you can join the monthly subscription (Comixology Unlimited) which will be $5.99 per month.

Available for both Android and iOS apps.

Comixology also offers a 30-days trial so you can give it a shot.

8. Wattpad

Wattpad is an app for both readers and writers.

It’s a great platform for writers to connect with their readers and vice versa.

You can follow your favorite writers and can also comment on their stories and interact with them.

Wattpad has a community feature that enables both readers and writers of similar niche to interact with each other.

No matter what genre you love you will always find something for yourself.

Wattpad learns what you read so later it starts recommending you the stories based on your interest.

Since the majority of stories are by an amateur, the quality of stories varies.

But still, it’s a go-to app for book lovers.

The stories are cheaper and free depending on the genre.

If you want an ad-free experience you can also opt for a “Wattpad Premium” subscription.

Though I personally don’t recommend as the free version offers a lot.

Wattpad is available for both Android and iOS devices.

9. Blinkist

Blinklist is said to be the best app for book lovers who don’t have time to read books.

Blinkist is for the nonfiction book readers.

It breakdown the key takeaways from the world’s best non-fiction books.

It gives you a bite-size content of 15 minutes of text or audio that you can read or listen to.

This will helps the reader who is busy in their daily life.

This way a reader can get the major key-points, not just the summary of the book.

Blinkist costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year and has 19 categories including major categories like mindfulness, entrepreneurship, and self-help.

The only drawback is that it only has a nonfiction category.

10. Marvin 3

Marvin 3 is a third-party EPUB reader for all of your DRM-free files.

It can read all DRM-free EPUB books, CBX, and CBR comics.

The app has adjustable UI, easily allowing for light and dark adjustments, a highlighting tool, and the ability to export to iCloud and Dropbox.

Marvin 3 also integrates with Goodreads.

Marvin 3 is just available for iOS devices.

It offers both free and premium services.

The premium service costs $4.99 per month.

So if you want a personal EPUB reader Marvin 3 is your app.

11. Libby By Overdrive – Best App For Book Lovers

Libby is a library app that will give you access to materials and books from your public library by just entering your library card information.

You can sign in to multiple libraries, download and read or listen to any books offline, sample any books just with a tap on the app.

Libby is one of the best apps for book lovers who love reading at a library like a true bookworm.

It’s like shifting offline library to online.

Libby is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Final Word On “Best Apps For Books Lovers”

There are plenty of apps for book lovers but these are the ones that the majority of book readers and writers use.

And the apps depend upon the choice of a user(reader) on what are the features they may require as every individual is looking for some features according to their own requirements.

And requirements vary from readers to readers.

Still, I tried to mention all those apps which can solve the requirement of most of the book lovers.

You can bookmark this page for future reference as I will be adding more apps for book lovers in the near future.

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