Best Ways To Make Money Writing

Do words just come to you, and you skilfully knit them for a beautiful and moving outcome? Ever thought to make money writing?

If you are passionate about writing and want to monetize this talent of yours, then you should consider selling your creations to earn a substantial income. Not only it will help you financially, but it can also help you to improve your writing skills and have a successful career as a writer.

Most people are afraid to try out the many ways to make money writing because things can be a bit confusing or overwhelming at the beginning. However, it is an easy yet effective method that comes with many benefits, and you should immediately kick-start the process today!

Need a bit more convincing? Check out everything that you need to know about writing articles for money next.

Make Money Writing

What types of writing can make you money?

You have to know which type of writing can effectively bring cash into your Bank/PayPal account. Then only the process will become easy and financially fruitful. If you are just starting out and do not know what your writing niche/style is, then try out the following types of writing. Writing jobs that pay well are available in plenty for these types and they happen to be quite easy to grab or master. Thus, beginning with the following types will surely help you:

  • Writing Article
  • Long-form Content writing
  • SEO writing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Copywriting
  • Content mills
  • E-books or Book writing (Ghost writing)

Writing articles for money

Experienced professional writers suggest that beginners should start the process by writing articles online to earn a satisfactory income from the get-go. So, to help you get started, here are some effective and easy ideas to make money online with article writing:

Websites that Pay Writers

    Many reliable websites pay writers for collaborating. These big platforms are frequently looking for writers. They can be considered a large community dedicated to publishing new posts daily. Typically for each post, you can earn from them somewhere between $50 to $200 or $0.40 to over $1.00 per word. You can try Paid Online Writing Jobs.

    Sponsored Posts

      There are options to earn by creating sponsored posts for other brands. Brands require articles, infographics, press release content, announcement content, and other types of writing frequently. A sponsored article post can pay you somewhere between $150 to $800.

      Personal Blog

        This is a long-term strategy to make money writing which bears the fruit of your labor a bit late. However, you should consider setting up a personal blog nevertheless as it can be monetized. You can try out sponsored posts and affiliate marketing to have desired earnings from your blog or website. On average, a successful personal blog will start generating a revenue of $1000 to $1500 each month after a year. Want to get started creating your own blog? Get a good deal on website hosting from SiteGround or BlueHost.

        Freelance Platforms

          The easiest way to make money by writing articles has to be by using freelance platforms. These platforms have made selling your articles for cash an easy and safe process. These marketplaces require you to create a profile and allow you to find reliable clients for writing jobs. Typically, from these platforms, you can expect around $1.40 per 150 words or $30 to $50 for each hour of writing when just starting out. Your earnings will increase if you receive positive feedback from your clients and build and improve your portfolio on these platforms. Try platforms like Fiverr, Upwork or iWriter.

          Where to go to sell your writing skills?

          As mentioned above, one of the best and safest places to sell your writing skills will definitely have to be using freelance platforms. Unlike other online methods of writing articles for money, these platforms will have work always available. You can even get a vast range of clients and writing jobs to choose from. Compared to brands looking for writers and sponsored posting, the writing jobs available on freelance platforms are easier, making it perfect for beginners who are just starting out and not yet sure about their skills. These platforms will help you to have a steady flow of cash and also help you to improve your writing skills to increase your earnings via online article writing.

          These marketplaces will charge a certain amount for their services and guarantees. Thus, when choosing a platform, do ensure that it is reliable/legit. Read online reviews and research well before creating a profile and accepting work, and you will be good to go.

          What can you expect to earn from writing?

          Hopefully, from what you gathered so far about writing articles for money, you can tell that it is impossible to have to fixed sum for every writing job. So, it is not easy to determine what you can earn as a beginner by selling your articles online. On average, as of 2022, a freelance writer can earn around $5724 each month in the USA. Your income will greatly depend on your writing skills and the amount of writing jobs you take on per month.

          Best ways to improve what you earn through writing

          Refining your writing skills is crucial if you want to earn a hefty steady income with article writing. You have to invest some time to work on your business model. You need to make a few adjustments as per your earning goals to increase your bottom line. Read on to learn some ways to boost or improve your online article writing earnings:

          • Keep updated

          This is a blooming and dynamic market; thus, you should keep yourself updated and keep on researching to find better ways to make an earning via article writing. Figure out the current market rates, evaluate your clients, and review your monthly/yearly performance to ensure you are setting a rate that is both appropriate and profitable.

          • Take less low-paying writing jobs

          Beginners should start with low-paying writing jobs as they pay well and requires minimum effort. Working with low-paying clients is a quick way to gain experience and improve your writing skills. However, once you feel confident about your improvement, ditch the low-paying clients and invest your time and energy to find high-paying clients to work with.

          • Plan and execute goals effectively

          This field of work does not have a structured or fixed monthly work and income. Having a satisfactory/desired monthly or yearly earning is only possible when you set a goal and execute it properly. So, determine how much you have the potential to earn and set a daily writing goal as per the amount you receive per word or article.

          Benefits of making money writing

          Before summing up, here is a clear look into some major benefits of making money online through writing in case you missed out on one:

          • Writing jobs requiring different writing skills and styles are available in plenty
          • It is an in-demand job opportunity where beginners can even earn a desirable monthly income
          • As per the selected writing niches and writing skills, this option is quite profitable
          • It does not require any specialized experience or certificate
          • It is a flexible and non-time-consuming way to make money writing

          Hopefully, now you know how beneficial writing articles for money can be if you are a budding writer. So, don’t wait any longer, and take the help of what you learned here today to chalk out a plan to successfully make money writing online.

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