Freelance Writing Tips For Beginners In 2023

Freelance writing tips.

Freelance writing is one of the most amazing jobs for you if you love writing. 

And if you’ve searched for freelance writing you already know that there are many people who become millionaires by writing as a freelancer. 

So yes, it can be a lucrative job.

And that’s why it is most competitive. Very few succeed because they don’t know how to start freelance writing or don’t know the tips for freelance writing. 

Freelance Writing Tips

In this post, I will list 20 freelance writing tips for beginners as well as for anyone who is struggling to make freelance writing their career. 

No BS. 

Let’s get started with freelance writing tips. 

1. Find Your Skill

There is a huge misunderstanding among freelancers that they can write on anything or on any topic.

And many freelancers do so and for some time make a huge amount of money.

But the thing is they stay in the same place as they started and don’t progress – in what they do and in how much they earn.

There is a huge gap in the market for experienced freelancers on each and every topic.

So if you have a specific skill and you have mastered it over time by working on different projects then you can make a hefty payout than general freelancers who work on any topic.

That’s why you should find what you can do best. You should stick to the same niche.

So finding your skill is the most important tip for beginners.

You may think at first that you might be limiting yourself by sticking to just one niche but trust me it will be worth more than you can even imagine in the long run.

See, business owners and the like are looking for more and more relevant, value adding content. Poorly written or content without an in-depth knowledge of the subject will not be seen, ranked or shared.

So, having this skill and knowledge of a particular topic, usually will command high prices so you can charge more.

Here are some of the freelance writing niches that you can look to get an idea.

2. Pitch Every Day

Just because you started freelance writing doesn’t mean jobs will find you.

The internet is vast and the best place to make money, so everyone is on board.

Nobody knows you even exist.

So you have to hustle.

You need to find clients, pitch to them, apply to different job boards, etc to get the work.

Don’t ever think that you have plenty of jobs because jobs or opportunities can disappear with no more than just a “sorry” email.

But this doesn’t mean that you should take more work than you can manage. Don’t ever do that.

But you should constantly look for opportunities. You don’t know, maybe you can find some gigs which pay more or maybe you get a recurring client.

You should make a goal or routine like you have to pitch to 5-6 clients on a daily basis. This can include both niche clients and even cold clients.

This way you can get clients on a regular basis without going stagnant after some time.

So keep hustling.

If you are starting out and want a platform where the work comes to you try PaidOnlineWritingJobs. This is a good way to gain some experience.

3. Have a Portfolio 

Having a portfolio in any industry is very important, especially in the freelance writing industry it is a must.

You should build a freelance portfolio if you don’t already have one.

Add the projects you finished, testimonials from clients, what you offer, pricing, etc.

And when you pitch to any potential clients you can add a link to your portfolio.

This will help your clients know your worth and there is a chance that your pitch will be converted well.

4. Get Testimonials 

When you finish the given work don’t hesitate to ask for a testimony from your clients. This is another great freelance writing tip.

A testimony will help you to gain trust and as you know people purchase a product and services based on the testimonials.

This also increases your credibility and you will be more recognized in the freelance industry.

Some may respond to your request and give a positive testimony. You can then add or showcase these testimonials on your blog or on your landing page.

It creates solid social proof for you which clients love when choosing someone to work with.

Some clients will give feedback and testimonials without even asking, and some may give negative feedback also.

So don’t worry about the negative feedback. Look for the things which made your client say such things to you. Rectify your mistake.

Feedback and testimonials are great ways to learn what your clients think of your work and the areas you need to improve. Treat any feedback as a gift.

If you are using freelancing sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc then having positive reviews and testimonials from clients will boost up your profile and you can expect to get more orders as well.

So if you want to be found ask every client to give feedback and testimonials on the respective sites.

5. Create Your Own Blog 

Starting your own blog is a great way to demonstrate your skills as well as get writing practice.

Creating a blog serves as:

  • Portfolio 
  • It will improve your writing skills
  • You can showcase your writing samples
  • You can become an authority in your niche
  • You can promote other freelance services or sell your own products 
  • It will help you land high worth clients 

So whether you are starting out or you already have freelance work having a blog will always help you.

So if you are a niche freelance writer (which I recommend), you can write in the same niche on your blog.

This will help you to master that niche and stay updated with the current trends and topics that your clients may demand you to write on.

If you a looking to start a blog or your portfolio site, check out SiteGround for web hosting. They have good deals and I use them for this site.

6. Learn Basic SEO

All freelance writers should have some knowledge of SEO.

It is a good idea to learn SEO, especially when you are planning to write web content.

All web content is written keeping SEO in mind. For clients, having knowledge of basic SEO principles, formatting, writing headings, etc is a real plus point and can command a high charge price.

Learning SEO is not as easy as the algorithm keeps on changing every now and then. You have to keep yourself updated with the current trend.

You can follow some SEO experts like Brian Dean and Neil Patel to learn more about SEO.

7. Networking 

One of the best things you can do is to reach out to other freelance writers.

You can find other freelance writers through social media, especially Facebook Groups or by visiting their site.

You can build your relationship with fellow freelance writers and help each other.

Networking is the only thing that has helped a number of freelancers to get more and more clients and gain huge eyeballs.

It will also help you to get recurring clients and a steady income.

Plus you will have a buddy with whom you can share your freelancing talk because they will know your struggle, pain, and journey.

8. Develop a Marketing Plan

You should have a strong marketing plan if you want to make a sustainable business with your freelancing work.

And to make a sustainable business you will have to get clients on a regular basis.

This is only possible if you have a solid marketing strategy.

So what you can do to market yourself?

Here are the things that can help you:

  • Write Guest Posts for another famous or high traffic site. 
  • Comment on the blog posts of the blog you want to write for.
  • Get active on Social Media
  • Follow social media of the business you can write for. 
  • Pitch to potential clients. 
  • Participate in conversations with freelancers, share advice and tips, and become friends. 

Focus exclusively on building an audience around your brand. Share useful, valuable information.

9. Invest in Freelance Courses

Of course, you don’t need a degree to become a freelance writer but taking a freelance course when starting out can help you attain your goals much faster.

These courses can provide you the step by step framework that you can use instead of just trying each and everything by yourself thinking something will work.

Though you can completely skip this step if you think you can do it by yourself. And yes you can do it all by yourself but it will take time.

And if you decide to invest in a freelance writing course you should take a course on the same niche where you want to focus you time and energy.

10. Read And Learn Every day 

If you’re not reading, you’re neither learning nor polishing your craft.

Reading will expose you to new ideas and trends which you might not be aware of.

For almost any niche new things and materials come every day. So if you want to stay updated you should make reading your daily habit.

Reading is not just limited to reading articles only from your niche rather you can read nonfiction books and eBooks too.

You don’t know what new things you can learn. 

Reading also includes learning more and more about your niche, learning other things like SEO, Marketing, etc.

You know one saying that “knowledge will never go wasted.”

So read religiously and learn every day.

11. Avoid Jobs That Don’t Suit You

You will receive many high paying gigs that will be out of your league or something different from your niche. You should turn down those gigs.

Yes, you should only take gigs that fit your niche or your skill. Don’t just take any work or client based on the amount they are paying.

You can also reject clients when you think that too much research and time is required and the pay is low. Remember time is money, what might sound like a lot, may not be when you convert to an hourly rate.

You can have many reasons to turn down a gig that doesn’t suit you or align with your interests.

Stick with your core beliefs and your goals and don’t let money misdirect your beliefs. Be your own boss.

12. Understand Clients Needs and Expectations 

Believe it or not, most of the clients you will get don’t know what they actually want.

So it’s you who have to ask what they actually want.

Some clients will not understand some technical terms like SEO, keywords, etc but they will demand the result.

So you have to make sure that your clients understand how you work and what’s the results they can expect.

And, if possible, ask your clients to email you the requirements so that you know what you have to deliver. It is also great proof just in case they change their mind.

And if you don’t understand any of the requirements ask for clarification so that you can provide everything according to the requirements and needs of your clients.

13. Always Be on Time

One thing many freelancers do is not deliver the work on time.

This is a BIG NO if you want to make freelancing your career. This is the most important out of all the freelance writing tips.

When you fail to deliver your writing on time that creates a negative impact on your clients and most probably they will not offer you more work in the future.

And when you submit your work on time or before time there is a chance that you can gain recurring clients or more work in the future. It creates trust and you become dependable.

Schedule your work in such a way that you can deliver each and every work on time.

14. Maintain Professionalism

I’ve come across many freelance writers who don’t have any sense of professionalism. They argue over revisions, neglect the basic requirements mentioned, talk garbage, etc.

Don’t ever do such things.

Always maintain professionalism.

Treat your freelancing as a business, not just a hobby if you want to grow and make money writing.

There are few things to do to make sure you are doing good, like:

  • Answer emails properly and promptly.
  • Have signatures (or company name), logo, social media accounts, disclaimer page link, etc
  • Send professionally designed invoices. Click here to know how to write a freelance invoice
  • Don’t talk about personal stuff
  • Always have a professional email address for communication (
  • Don’t post negative things about clients on social media sites

These are just the basics but you need to take care that you maintain absolute professionalism.

Because it just takes one mistake to lose the business you have built over the years.

15. Follow Your Competitor or Get A Mentor

Don’t just stalk someone in the wrong way but rather follow the pattern of someone who is doing well in your industry as a freelancer.

You don’t need to have a contact number or email account just seeing what they have been doing on screen is sufficient to get you inspired and working.

And if you have any mentors you can write and ask questions of, that will be an added advantage.

If you have invested in any freelance writing courses you will get mentorship and support. That’s one of the best advantages of taking online courses.

16. Have an office

Look I don’t mean set up or rent an expensive office or go to some coworking office. What I am saying is that you should have a dedicated space where you should work.

This can be a place in your backyard, garage, basement, bedroom, or some coffee shop nearby.

That will be your place where each and every day you will show up and work.

This is also necessary because it serves as motivation and you think of it as a business rather than just some type of hobby.

The only difference between a regular 9-5 job and freelancing is that you are your own boss here.

But you have to work or come to the office whether you join any company or do freelancing. That’s the truth.

And many freelancers have this myth that they can work from their bed only and that’s why they fail miserably.

Yes, sometimes you can write from your bed but having a well-suited working area is what helps you keep hustling. And is better for your back and posture.

17. Stop Thinking About Failure and Rejection 

Thinking about failure is common in every field.

But thinking too much about rejection and failure does nothing but demotivate you.

So instead of thinking that you are not capable of the job think about the talents, you have to make sure you do the job.

Think about it as a defense mechanism as well as your motivator. Failing is sometimes the key to success.

And when it comes to freelancing and pitching every day to as many clients as possible you are bound to get rejected by many.

There is no chance of a 20% conversion, not even for those who are experienced working as a freelancer.

If you get 5-10% conversions you are doing great.

Never get demotivated by a few rejections as it will happen, especially when you are just a beginner.

18. Spend Wisely

When you are freelancing you’ll experience periods of economic instability.

Sometimes you will have high paying clients and sometimes you will have no clients at all; that’s the worst-case scenario but be ready for every possible outcome.

Apart from that, you will need to pay for some writing software, invoicing software, domain and hosting, and other miscellaneous expenses.

So apart from the revenue, you will have expenses as well.

Have savings. Allocate some percentage only as your salary. Remaining save for business.

Make sure to have savings that can last you for almost one year if you don’t work. This is a buffer or an emergency fund as you never know what will happen. Not saying you will need it but always good to not have to stress when work isn’t forthcoming.

After that, you can spend on yourself or whatever you want to spend on.

19. Proper Planning and Organizing

No matter how good you are at writing and freelancing if you do not have proper planning you are less likely to succeed.

If you don’t have proper planning and you fail to organize your work effectively then you will miss deadlines, forget to follow up which will make you look unprofessional and ultimately harm your reputation.

A lack of origination will also lead to stress which will harm your health as well as your business.

So, if you don’t want to get overwhelmed maintaining work-life balance then stay organized and do proper planning.

Use apps like Google Calendar, Notion, Trello, etc to manage your projects and set deadlines for each one.

You may write all your work and projects in your journal or any note-taking system.

The main goal here is to get your work organized and planned in such a way that it will not harm you in any way or your business.

20. Maintain Your Health and Sleep Properly 

Remember “Health is wealth”. 

You may have decided to freelance as a career because you can work any time you like.

But this doesn’t mean that you should be working all the time without worrying about your health.

Don’t let your freelancing career rule your life.

Remember to have a proper sleep as it will benefit your health as well as you can work more productively.

Schedule time for exercise, proper dinner, outings and walks, and any fun activities you might like.

Your brain also needs some entertainment to work efficiently.

Take care of your health and it will give you the most profitable return in the future.

My Final Word

These freelance writing tips for beginners will give you an idea of what you need to succeed in freelance writing.

It will be difficult when you are just starting out. But over time you will learn more and more about the freelance writing industry.

This is can be a lucrative career and you can be your own boss. But you have to consider it as a business rather than just a hobby.

Apart from following these freelance writing tips, you should try to make your own adjustments that suit your needs as these are not the only freelance writing tips that you can use.

There are many freelance writing tips that you will come to know when you step up your freelance writing career.

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