How to write a proposal in 5 easy steps

Writers should know how to write in different mediums. Proposal writing involves understanding your audience and writing in the best possible way to persuade readers. The main purpose of proposals is to secure a project or contract. So, how to write a proposal? Continue reading the post to know everything about writing a proposal.

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how to write a proposal
How to write a proposal

What is proposal writing?

Typically, the creation of a well-written pitch for a specific topic is called proposal writing. It’s an elaborate document that offers to resolve an issue by presenting a plan or an idea while persuading the reader to approve the project or proposal. Most writers follow a stringent process of writing a proposal to make sure that it looks attractive and professional.

What types of proposals exist?

Proposals come in different forms. Below listed are some common types.

1. A grant proposal

To receive grant funding, organizations have to submit grant proposals frequently. The objective of grant proposal writing is to convince an organization about the significance of the grant and how it will help non-profit establishments.

2. A business proposal

Several companies use business proposals to request a contract or project. A company will send the proposal to a potential client to pitch their services or products. The proposal is a sales pitch that outlines the best solutions to resolve a problem that the client is facing.

3. An internal project proposal

A proposal isn’t just for external use but can be used for internal requests as well. Departments within an organization can receive and send an internal project proposal. The writer has to include the objectives, benefits, and outcomes of the project. Also, they have to highlight the benefits that the departments will receive.

4. An investor proposal

In this type of proposal, the writer has to convince the reader why they should invest. When the proposal is aimed at investors, the writer has to detail the company’s business goals, products, and services.

5 easy steps on how to write a proposal that works

Here are five steps on how to write an effective proposal.

1. Know your readers

The way you are writing a proposal depends on your audience. For example, a grant proposal will need a more inviting and emotional tone. Whereas, the writing should be highly professional when it’s about an investment proposal.

2. Explain the objective of the proposal

Proposal writers need to highlight the purpose and value of the proposal. In short, your readers should know why you wrote the proposal. Besides, writers can highlight a problem that the reader might be facing.

3. Provide a solution

Because the objective of the proposal is to provide a solution, the writer can explain the solutions in easy, understandable language. Moreover, the writer has to make sure that the reader will consider the solution on offer.

4. Show authority

The proposal should indicate that the sender has the right solution to address the issue. Hence, writers have to highlight the authority of the sender. The whole process of a proposal will involve convincing the prospective clients or recipients.

5. Request approval

In this section, the writer will request the reader for approval of the proposal. A winning proposal will contain impressive closing lines indicating what the reader would gain from the proposal. Readers should know about their benefits first.

Proposal writing tips

Being a proposal writer, you have to focus on the audience. Always use content around why your readers should care about the information you are providing. It is wise to highlight the benefits of your services to your audience rather than what you provide.

Also, you can tell a story through the proposal. As a result, it will create an emotional bonding with your audience. Incorporate the pain points that your reader is experiencing and try resolving the problems.

Write a Proposal: What to avoid

If your proposal contains technical jargon, it will be hard for someone to understand what you are offering. So, speak the language that your readers know. Present the proposal in easy language. Furthermore, avoid large pieces of content. Keep in mind that the proposal should include every detail without missing key points. To make the readers skim your proposal, make use of subheadings, a clean format, and a graphical representation if required.


An effective proposal will start with a proper understanding of the client’s needs. That way, you can write proposals that have enough details and bring out desired results. After getting the required info, you can finally write the proposal.

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