Importance Of Reading Books In Our Life

In the world of video games, YouTube, and yes even Netflix, why in the world would you go about reading books?

So in this post, I will list some of the Importance of Reading Books.

importance of reading books in our life

In the past 2 years, I have been reading a lot of books. And in this post, I will give you my top 10 reasons why you should read too.

So considering the amount of data that’s readily available, reading book looks like an old timer activity better suited for our parents and grandparents.

In today’s fast-paced world where the only thing you read is the label on a shampoo bottle because you forgot to take your phone to the bathroom.

Reading is slowly becoming a dying habit and it’s not because people don’t like to read, its because there are faster alternatives like Facebook statuses, tweets, and Instagram captions that keep us busy.

After all, if we read for half the time we spend on social media we’d all be further along with the books on our must read list.

Yes, most people have a list of books that they want to read but it’s less and less likely to follow through with it because of the way that they are currently enjoying their free time by using their phones.

So don’t get me wrong.

Reading gets addictive too. But you have to start first.

What Books Should You Read?

If someone asks you what’s the last book you read, the answer to this question is almost always a fiction title.

But if I continue and ask the person anything in the nonfiction area, they almost always remember a more recent title they didn’t consider before.

For most of us, reading is almost equal to fiction. This maybe because the very first books we read as children or maybe we enjoy fiction books the most.

This doesn’t mean non-fiction should be ignored.

Both the genres have a huge amount of information and in both categories, you can find books that will polish your brain and widen your horizon.

But let’s talk about why you need to read fiction.

Why Read A Fiction Book?

Fiction is food for the soul.

The author is allowed to create new worlds that you can explore and enjoy on your own free will.

When you read a story you like it’s really easy to leave the real world behind and become absorbed in the action.

The task is more challenging than watching a movie or playing a game because you are using the world’s most powerful graphics processor i.e. your imagination.

Have you ever felt like time stands still when you are reading?

If yes then you’ve experienced the most wonderful attraction of a great story.

Now I want to talk about why you need to read Non-fiction Books.

Why You Should Read Non-Fiction Books?

Though I write mostly fiction novels and ebooks, I’ve read a lot of Non-Fiction books.

Non-Fiction books are food for the brain.

You see, the main purpose of a book is to challenge the brain and bewitch the soul in such a manner that you become a better person when you finish reading the book.

Non-Fiction might be a bit less charming than reading fiction but it’s definitely a path to self-improvement.

When you read a self-help guide or any manual you learn new things and become empowered by the knowledge that you have acquired.

So the next time you are in a Non-Fiction section of a library or bookstore, pick a book you find interesting.

I promise you will enjoy reading it even if it’s about the real world.

For me, I read a lot of Non-Fiction because I know there’s the practical application that I can actually use the information that I’m learning.

So now I want to give you the top 10 reasons why you need to read books and the importance of reading books.

Importance Of Reading Books – Top 10 Reasons

If you are still wondering why you need to read books then take look at the benefits of reading books.

I have listed here only the top 10 benefits of reading books but can assure you there are a lot more than you actually give it credit.

1. Food for the Brain

When you dive into a story the world around you disappears and you are completely immersed in the world created by the author.

I genuinely hope that you have felt this before.

There are very little tools that can actually create this experience without being illegal and the brain works hard to create emotions, feelings, and even engage the senses when you’re reading.

Studies show that reading has a wonderful gift of changing your brain structure making you more empathetic and improving cognitive processes.

Now it is actually proven that by reading books that vividly describe a landscape or maybe an object we automatically create a mental picture that follows that description even more.

Reading about our favorite characters experiences is the closest you can get to actually living them yourself.

This is why reading makes you smarter because books are powerful.

2. Improves Vocabulary

No, you don’t need to become the best communicator there ever was just by reading.

However, books expand your vocabulary and you can learn different nuances and words that can help you later express your ideas and concepts and sentences.

The more you read, your vocabulary level will be higher and your speech will be much more polished and seem intelligent.

3. You will be more Attractive 

Wait what!!!!

It has a direct connection with the point above.

Reading also widens your knowledge so your brain can create a more elaborate expression to show your feelings and your opinions on a subject.

I think you can safely say that reading empowers people and you can easily participate in interesting conversations and actually sustain an argument by giving intriguing reasons.

In this case, nonfiction reading might be more important because it gives you the chance to study topics that might actually show up in regular chat.

Things like Politics, Modern News, Entertainment, History, and even Technology that are common in our day and age so it’s important to know more about them and have an educated stance on them.

4. Meeting Interesting People 

Now, do you usually have to leave or maybe stay quiet whenever the topic of a conversation gets deeper, well reading can help you here?

When you are capable to add to a conversation you improve upon it by offering your own opinions on the matter maybe even statistics.

People you used to admire from a distance will even want to know more.

The best way to change circles is to document yourself on different subjects and participate in actual conversations.

This way you will earn the respect and admiration of interesting people and you also have a chance to learn something new from them as well.

It’s kind of like mini-mastermind.

5. Become who You Should Be 

Yes, yes, yes, it’s a little bit philosophical but hear me out.

Books open new worlds for us and allow even the poorest of people to live and enjoy experiences that they only dream about.

You can visit ancient Egypt or travel to the future, you can enjoy different dimensions, or maybe even improve your skills.

Anything is possible when you open your mind and we grow and develop by experiencing new things which is why when you read you’re actually building yourself.

You take the things you like and assimilate them becoming a better person being who you should be and basically creating your own personality

Within books, you can change your beliefs, delete your beliefs, and create new and better beliefs based on information that you’ve presented.

You may never get to travel to the end of the earth in real life but with a good book, you can scour the seas.

6. It is Fun and Relaxing 

So you think watching TV is fun, try actually reading a book that you like.

The diversity of genres and plethora of authors from all over the world create a limitless fun that you can access whenever you want.

Even more, you are not fed the images and sound, you actually experience the images and sounds and you can control them just as you want.

Books are more detailed than movies because the limit is your imagination and they create an entirely different entertainment experience that is rewarding and fulfilling and helps you grow.

7. Reading Books is Exercise for Your Memory 

So regardless of fact that you read for fun or that you like fiction over nonfiction, reading has a wonderful gift of giving your memory a workout.

When you follow your favourite character through the story or simply read about an event or a historical time, you’ll end up by memorizing some very interesting details.

Now they might not stick forever but for the moment you’re exercising the memory area of the brain and you keep it active.

This way when you really need to memories something it will be easier and things will happen faster.

There will be more things you can connect what you’re supposed to memorize too.

There is actually a scientific explanation for the idea of a memory workout.

It seems that the area of the brain where we store memories is not limited and it won’t be stretched and worn out if we store too many things in there.

But the more that you add, the area that creates new synapses and the old ones will become more powerful thus improving your memory process.

Think like a Spiderweb, each new string makes a spiderweb even stronger.

8. It Opens Your Mind 

So as a reader you get in touch with different people, different opinions, different feelings with completely opposing personalities and from extremely different cultures or periods of time.

This makes you a better judge of character and improves your tolerance towards things that are maybe different or unusual or Nobel wherever you live.

Usually, if someone reads a whole bunch they might not be snappy in the judgment of others because they learn about the different feelings and emotions that someone might have.

All of this opens you up to the world and shows it’s ok to he different making you more accepting of others.

9. Reading Books Improves Your Focus 

In today’s day and age, a person’s five minutes are divided between maybe watching TV, checking their phone, browsing through Instagram, all of at least.

So you can see why our focus is totally just all over the place but when you read and if the book is captivating enough you completely forget about the surrounding world…

It’s like you dive into a new dimension or a whole another world and leave your body behind.

In reality, this is what being 100% focused on one thing feels like and in fact, if you can achieve this kind of focus in your work life it’s called FLOW.

10. Improves the World 

If you need a powerful reason to why you should read this ought to be it.

The world doesn’t need more Netflix and chill, it is in dire need of educated and open-minded people who are aware of the problems around the world and have necessary knowledge and inspiration to actually make things happen.

Final Word

Keep in mind that the most successful people read one book per week and even top CEOs make time for the written word.

So basically these are some of the Importance of Reading Books.

If you know any other do let the community know by commenting here.

And don’t forget to share this post.

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