How To Make Money Writing Online | $100 Day as a Writer


In this post, I’m gonna show you a simple way to make $20, $50 or even $100 dollars or more a day by just writing online.

And this method involves nothing more complicated than just writing very simple articles.

you can really make money writing online by just writing some simple article that should be completely possible to write within a couple of hours

Let me tell you about myself.

I do a lot of my outsourcing and I have paid to article writers more than $20 per 1000 words blog post and that’s too basic article writers.

The price can vary between $20-$100 per 1000 words articles depending upon the writers I hire.

These are the rates for my article writers because I need high quality content.

I’m paying $50 for 1000 words so that’s really-really good money for you if you write a thousand-word blog article for me.

You can make a $50 and it does not take longer a day to do this

So there is real money to be made and there are a lot of people that make a full-time income as article writers.

And in this post, I want to show you exactly how you also can make money writing online.

make money writing online

Why You Should Make Money Online Writing

Well there are a lot of reasons that would make you think and take writing as your fulltime income stream and the list goes like this:

First Reason

This is one of the simplest ways to make an income online.

All you need to do is to write an articles.

This is so simple that anyone can do it.

But you have to trade your time to make money online as a freelance writer.

Anyone of you reading this post,  you can start making money just by writing articles and this is 100% guaranteed.

All you simply need to do is to start taking steps.

 Second Reason

The second reason might be that it’s a great way to build a side income.

Perhaps you might be working a full-time job or maybe you are a college or

university student and want to make side income in your spare time.

Online writing is so good because there are no set hours and you can just do this at home or you can do this whenever you’ve got a little bit of extra time.

you can just sit down and  write the article and you can get paid.

If you want to you can actually build a writing career.

 There are a lot of people that do this full-time and there are a lot of people who really enjoy writing articles.

And there is absolutely no reason why this cannot be turned into a writing career or perhaps even a business.

There are agencies that have 100’s of writers working for them.

Basically, there is a massive demand for content on the internet and you can take advantage of that by either being a writer or having an article writing business.

Third Reason

Lastly, I think the main reason why I started writing articles was that I wanted to make money online.

Article writing is not necessarily a passive income stream model online but writing articles is a good way to perhaps build up you know a few thousand dollars so that you can then invest that money into a blog or on your passive business.

The final reason that I wanted to mention why writing articles is a good way to make money

Steps to Make Money Writing Online

let’s say that you’ve decided that you do want to start making money writing articles online, so how you can really make money just by writing online.

You maybe having these thoughts:

  • Where do you actually go to get customers?
  • Where can you start making sales?
  • Where do you get the clients that you can start writing the articles?

So there are a lot of different options you can try if you seriously want to make online income just by writing what you love.

Basically, the methods what I personally like to make money online just by writing are:

1. Freelancing Sites

So basically there are a lot of freelancing sites where you can create your own account and get good clients.

But these are the ones that I recommend for building a really profitable side income or even full-time income.


Upwork is an amazing place to get high-quality contracts with high-quality customers and you can build your freelancing article writing profile on Upwork.

I’m a regular Upwork user I do a lot of outsourcing on Upwork.

If You just type in “blog writer” into Upwork you can see the different contractors that are recommended for me to hire and how much money they have made on Upwork by just writing articles there are a lot of other people that have made $10k-$20k.

make money online on freelancing site Upwork as writer

Look at the hourly rates.

So as you progress you can definitely make a lot of money on Upwork .

Now if you wanted to get started on Upwork what you would do is you would need to design and fill your profile in a similar way as other freelancers do.

You need to make sure that you have a nice logo put in,  your description, and just present your own profile and do not work in a way that is similar to the other profiles that have good success rate and good ratings.


Once you’re in the you can go into “I need content” or “I write content”.

So as a writer you would go into “I write content” and then you can have a look at the information on this page.

After you register for free you will need to submit a writing sample based on that sample they will review the content quality and you will just be assigned an author rating.

Based on this author rating you can then earn different amounts of money for the work that you will get.

Author rating allows you to select a project from our selection of open audit.

If you have a two-star rating then you will be getting $7 for a 1000 word article and if you have the five-star rating you would be getting $50 for a 1000 word article at five cents per word.

The good thing about textbroker is that they give you work you don’t actually need to chase anyone.

You don’t need to spend time, all you need to do is just register and then you will be able to earn those amounts on textbroker.

They will bring in clients to you.


The next place where you can find customers is Fiverr

Let me show you what’s the potential of earning in Fiverr.

I just searched for “content writers” and you can see there are so many listings with so many successful completion of projects.

writers make money online on fiverr

There are over 10,000 listings in total for this category and you can see that there are a lot of gigs on Fiverr that charge good amounts of money.

As you can see there are tons of listings with a lot of reviews which means that there is a lot of work going around.

And if you want to start writing the articles on Fiverr what you would do is you would create a profile on Fiverr and just model similar things as another top seller on Fiverr do.

4. Direct Approach

Probably one of the best ways to find work is to approach bloggers directly.

If you want to write about technology or about business or about health look for blogs that at a stage where it feels like you know they probably need more content contact them and offer them your services.

Most of the bloggers will not agree on the first pitch and some even want the articles for free.

So at first, you can give them 1-2 articles as free to build your portfolio as it will help you in the long run.

You can also show other potential clients that you wrote articles for these sites.

If your content quality is good then you can talk about working out a deal.

You can charge them a particular amount of money.

How Much to charge?

If you do approach someone directly you can basically offer them free samples like posting on their blog (Guest blogging)1-2 articles for free is a fair deal.

This especially crucial as you’re just getting started and if you don’t have a portfolio.

let’s say you’re brand new you want to make money with your writing skills what you would do is you would offer free samples just to get your foot in the door.

You have to do this with any profession you know and writing is no different.

Now after you’ve done your free samples and the customer is happy and wants to go ahead with you what you would do is you would as a beginner I recommend starting and approximately $10 per 1000 words.

 Depending how skilled you are it might take you 2-3 hours but it is totally worth it.

Because you’re just getting started for long run.

Actually first you are building your skills, then building your portfolio.

And as you progress from there you can actually write 1000 words in probably as little as let’s say a couple of hours but the good news is that you can then scale up to prices of $50 and $100 or more per 1000 words as long as your writing quality is good.

The better your skills will become so as your your earnings.

So these are some of the basic sites that will pay for your articles and you can make an amazing amount of money writing articles online.

But there are some other means that you can use to maximize your earning potential just by writing online.

2. Create a Blog

Creating a blog is easy but what most of the bloggers struggles with is in producing great content.

As a writer yourself you can create content for your own blog and this is the best method you can use to make money with your writing skill.

Though it takes time to bring you the desired result it will definitely worth your time and effort in the long run.

A blog is a passive source of income so it will require one-time work which in turn will bring you passive income throughout your life.

Even in your blog you can showcase the works you did for famous blogs as Guest blogging and this will serve as your portfolio.

Add a “Hire Me” section on your blog as well and showcase the rate and charges you offer to write articles for others.

This is the best way to build your writing career and to make money writing online.

Place Ads on Your Blog

Now when you start to gain sufficient traffic (visitors) on your blog you can also place ads on your blog to make some passive income.

You can use ad networks like Google Adsense,, etc, or even put direct ads on your blog.

Once you reach 25000 visitors per month you can also opt for premium ad network like Mediavine which pays $500-$1000 per month.

Do Affiliate Marketing

You don’t just need to rely on Ad network to make money.

You can do Affiliate marketing also.

It’s basically is promoting other’s products or services and getting some commission in return when any user buys it using your Affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is easy and you can get started with any number of traffic.

Even if you get 100 visitors and out of 100 if 1 buys you will get paid.

You can do affiliate marketing as well as Ads togethter on a single blog and there is no specific criteria for that.

Affiliate Marketing will make you more money with the same amount of traffic than with any Ad network. So focus on Affiliate marketing more.

3. Use Job Boards

Like some freelancing sites, there are also Job Bards where content marketer and business owners posts for writing jobs and hiring writers.

You can use these job boards to find writing jobs based on your interest and it is an easy way to make money online.

Most of these writing jobs gigs start at $50-$60 per post but depending upon your skills you can always negotiate the price.

PROBLOGGER has the best job board for finding quality clients and it is the one I personally recommend to everyone.

It’s not that you will only get a one-timer client but you can also get some longterm projects.

Try to pitch them personally by knowing each and every detail about the job they posted on these boards.

Always use a personal touch while pitching and don’t use any generic pitching templates that are available online.

And do let the client know from where you saw the job posting in your email because they might have posted on multiple job portals.

4. Start Teaching Your Writing Skills

When you become somehow perfect in your writing niche you can then teach your writing skills to people.

And you can do so by creating your own Writing Course online.

These can be an ebook, video course, or direct one-to-one coaching virtually over Video call.

In this, you can teach from beginner to advance level writing and things like how to get started as a freelance writer, how to get client, how to make money writing online, and all those things which you have learned yourself over the course of time.

And if you already have a blog then you can promote your product and services with the potential visitors who might be needing your help.

This is the best way to build a long term business and make a continuous income.

5. Create a Book

So you are a writer, then why not write a book.

You can write on a book and publish it online without any difficulty.

You can do this either by going with self-publishing option or by going with traditional publishing.

I recommend you go through self-publishing as it is an easy process and you can make most of the money without giving any publishing house the commission.

Here’s the article I have which can help you in Publishing book for free.

Though you will have to do the hard work there are many authors who made money online just by creating and self-publishing books.

Do check this article I have on how to promote your book as self-published Author.

I am also a self-published author and made a good amount of passive income, and STILL COUNTING.

Make Money Fast Just by Writing Online

Now you must be overwhelmed by the ideas you got by reading till here.

What I recommend you now to start with Freelancing site and Job Boards, then move to guest blogging.

And in between you can also create your own blog for long term income.

Do remember that you will also face much rejection on the way while pitching to get new clients.

Just don’t ever lose hope.

Making money online by writing takes time and it is not “Quick Scheme to Get Rich”.

I made my first $23 after 7  months of starting. This is because I was not focused on one channel. I was trying each and every method that I have listed in this blog post. So have patience, the money will come to you.

I hope I covered everything that will require to get started towards making money online as a writer.

Still, if you have any doubts do let me ask in the comment section. I will solve any of your queries.

And if you read this long don’t forget to share as it will help other writers who want to make some money online.


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