Mastering Essay Writing

How to Master and Make Money Essay Writing?

If you can prove that you are good and competent in the English language, you can earn money by writing essays. There are various essay writing jobs available online right now and it is one of the simplest ways to make money online.

Read on below and learn what it takes to master and make money by simply writing essays.

What is an Essay?

The word essay comes from the Latin word “Exagium” which roughly translates to presenting one’s case.

Essays are short pieces of writing representing one’s experiences, arguments, stories, etc. It outlines a writer’s story or perspective. Essays are generally informal and formal.

Formal essays are usually academic in nature and tackle serious topics. It involves professional, legal, and business purposes.

Informal essays are personal and also incorporate humour. It is based solely on the author’s reflections and ideas.

An essay is a great way to convince someone of something or to simply educate and inform a reader of a particular topic.

How to Structure an Essay?

Structuring an essay is important because it displays conciseness and clearness of the whole idea. It makes the essay easy to read and coherent. Below are tips on how to easily structure your essay.


You want your introduction to be catchy, right, and almost perfect. You want to make a good impression so put your best self forward in your introduction.

Always write an introduction with the aim of clearly saying what you are about to write in your essay. You can state what you want to achieve and briefly mention important points you will consider.

An introduction is an overview of your argument and shows that your thought process is coherent and logical. It will capture the reader’s attention if an introduction is well written. It shows that the writer has carefully thought about the question and topics thoroughly.


The body is the second part of your essay and it is the longest part. Generally, an essay has three paragraphs but it can have more. Each paragraph explains your point about a topic.

Paragraphs also have an expected structure. You should start a new paragraph for every new idea you might have. Each paragraph should begin with a sentence that sets out the main point of the whole section.

In this way, you will always focus and remind yourself of the main idea as you go along and write your paragraph.


The conclusion is the last section of your essay. This will be a single paragraph in short essays but can have 3 or more in lengthy essays.

A well-structured essay always ends with a clear conclusion.

It should summarize the main points of your essay and it may be useful if you refer back to the main title to make it clear to your reader that the main question had been thoroughly answered.

Tips For Mastering Essay Writing


An essay is only as good as your research. The highest priority when it comes to mastering essay writing is research. Ensure that the best possible research is done before you start writing your essay.

Make sure that your sources are reliable and trusted. Writing an essay with good sources is a great way to make quality work. Research is where it all starts and where the thesis and ideas come to life. Always remember to reference your work and in the correct format if required.

Structured paragraphs

A coherently structured paragraph is essential because it breaks down ideas into understandable small and manageable segments. It makes the essay easy to read and creates a good logical flow.

A structured paragraph gives you a faster way to emphasize and navigate each paragraph throughout the essay. The structure provides you with a way to stitch together the entire essay making it one coherent piece.

Breath and take a step back

Essay writing can be tiring and overwhelming sometimes especially if it discusses a lengthy topic. Taking a step back gives you a fresh perspective and ideas to write later.

It is important to take a breath and relax after writing for a long time because it rests your mind and eyes. You get to write more clearly when your body and mind are in good shape.

Do’s and Don’t of Essay Writing


Do plan your essay thoroughly first

Planning your essay first is important is it will help you stay on track. It makes it easy for you and your reader as you can make each section flow nicely. A well-planned essay produces a clear, concise, and high-quality piece of literature.

Do make your essay easy to read

Using complex vocabulary in your essay is confusing. It is recommended to use easy-to-understand words and vocabulary so that your readers won’t have to hard time reading your essay.

Do learn how to write intros, body, and conclusions

A well-written introduction captures the reader’s attention. It sets the tone of your essay and hooks the audience into reading more.

The body of your paragraph should also be well-structured. It needs to contain clearly-stated arguments that are supported by evidence.

The conclusion restates the main points and ideas of the essay. The moral or lesson of the essay can be summed up into one or two sentences at the end of the essay.


Don’t use informal language

Informal language can be distracting. Keep in mind that including slang or informal language can make your essay difficult to understand.

Don’t write too lengthy sentences

Lengthy sentences are confusing and hard to understand. Complicated sentences don’t indicate an elaborate writing style. It usually shows an inability to properly convey your ideas out loud. Complicated sentences often result in grammatical mistakes.

Don’t forget to proofread

Proofreading is very important as it makes your essay devoid of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typos. This part is important because too many mistakes often result in bad writing and your reader might not continue to read if it has too many errors.

How to Make Money Essay Writing

Essay Writing for students

If you enjoy research and have a talent for writing, essays are a good way to make money. You can write essays for students and get paid to do it. Some students do this to get the best grade possible or don’t have enough time to do it.

Freelance Essay writing

There are a lot of freelance websites that offer writing jobs. Your essay writing skills can easily adapt to the jobs posted on freelancing websites. If you have talent in writing, you can start freelancing as it doesn’t require any experience. You just have to register on their website, create a profile and start looking for writing opportunities. Upwork and Fiverr are the two most common sites.

Forums, communities, and threads

There are a lot of online forums, communities, and threads that need writers. Just find a post that you want to write about and contact the employer for additional details. A lot of opportunities are waiting for you if you want to earn money through writing.

Final Words

Essay writing is another style of writing. If you have a good grasp of the language and are good are research, writing essays can be a lucrative way to put your writing skills to work.

I hope the tips and suggestions in this post have given you ideas on how to master your essay writing skills.

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