Does ChatGPT and AI Mean the End for Freelance Writers?

Does ChatGPT and AI Mean the End for Freelance Writers?

There’s been a lot about ChatGPT in the press of late, so what is it all about? Does ChatGPT and AI mean the end for freelance writers? Today, we explore exactly what is ChatGPT and remind all you writers out there that humans still have a lot to offer! What are ChatGPT and other forms … Read more

How to Write An Interesting Blog Post

How to Write An Interesting Blog Post

Many of you reading this have your own personal blog or write blog posts for others but have you really thought about what makes an interesting blog post? It takes a lot of work to become a successful blogger today. You need to show perfect and unique writing in every update, otherwise people will just … Read more

11 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

Improve your writing skills

Are you constantly looking for ways to improve your writing skills? Read on to discover my top 11 tips! While the trend has long shifted to the visual depiction of content, the importance of effective communication in writing is often not stressed enough. The quality of writing matters is highly critical when you have to … Read more

Best Ways To Make Money Writing

Make Money Writing

Do words just come to you, and you skilfully knit them for a beautiful and moving outcome? Ever thought to make money writing? If you are passionate about writing and want to monetize this talent of yours, then you should consider selling your creations to earn a substantial income. Not only it will help you … Read more

What is Authors Insurance and Why You Should Have It

What is author insurance

Have you heard of Authors Insurance and wondered if you should get it? One of my blog readers asked the same question after self-publishing his first book on Amazon. This made me write this post as many of the self-published authors neglect the Authors Insurance. The same reader┬ásent me an email saying that he┬áread somewhere … Read more