12 Best Profitable Freelance Writing Niches for 2022

Are you struggling to find what’s the most profitable writing niche that you can choose in 2022?

Struggle no more.

In this post, I will share with you the best freelance writing niche that you can choose and start your freelance writing journey.

These are the list of niches that most of the freelance writers make money from.

As not every writing niche is profitable so you have to take proper measures to find which niche is more profitable and which are not so you don’t have to waste your time and energy for nothing.

How To Choose A Profitable Writing Niche?

In simple words, it is the ratio of demand to supply is what makes a niche profitable.

But this is applicable only if the demand is higher and supply is lower.

If the supply is greater than the demand then that niche can be said to be saturated and the earning potential in that niche is usually lower.

So you have to look for that writing niche which has low supply and high demands.

Those are the most profitable niche.

Though in the same niche compensation varies from clients to clients and projects to projects but not that much.

Another option to find whether the writing niche is profitable is to see how much money another freelancer in your niche is getting.

If the pay is higher you can choose that freelance writing niche.

But take the opinion of other freelancers who are working in that same niche.

How To Validate Your Freelance Writing Niche?

There are two steps you should follow while choosing any freelance writing niche.

Are You Passionate Enough To Write On That Particular Niche

This is the first thing you should consider while choosing the writing niche.

Some of the most lucrative writing niches may offer greater pay but you either don’t know anything about that particular niche or you don’t have a passion to write about such topics.

To find an intersection point between your writing niche and your passion.

This is important because you don’t want to write garbage and submit to your client.

And you could only write amazing content if you have at least some knowledge or have a passion to read, understand, and write on the same.

Remember you could only make a living writing if you give your client the best possible content.

This will be profitable in the long run as they can become your recurring customer and you don’t have to search for new clients every time.

Check The Market For Your Freelance Writing Niche

Now you found the niche and what if there is no market for your niche.

Sounds creepy. Right.

So before you select your niche you should Validate your niche by checking some job boards and other freelance sites.

You should look into job boards like ProBlogger Job boards to see if there is demand for your niche or not.

If there is demand then check what’s the price they were offering.

Check from minimum price to the maximum price for single work or for projects.

For example, Some people offer $20 for a blog post while some offer $200 for a single post.

This means that there is a market and you can gradually raise your price in the near future.

Though higher prices are only offered by large media companies only the thing is that there are demands.

The next thing you could do is check Facebook Groups and LinkedIn for your writing niche.

Facebook group for freelance writer

You will find Facebook groups for almost every niche writing jobs.

You can find many potential clients just with Facebook only.

Best Profitable Freelance Writing Niches To Work in 2020

Even if you just a beginner or expert these are some of the most profitable niches for freelance writers to work in 2020.

Note: These are not arranged list and it is in random order.

1. Blog Post Writing Niche

Blog post especially long-form content in the B2B industries tends to pay great.

As blog posts are not just for one time, so you can expect to get more from the same clients (if you meet their expectations).

These are like more than 2000+ words of content on which breaks down the complex topic in an easy way that the readers can understand it easily.

It’s not like just adding a bunch of text.

You have to be precise that each word you write has to solve the readers’ problem or educate them.

Plus if you really want to compete in this niche you have to understand how your post can drive results.

You have to know everything like how to write a title, how your post can be SEO optimized, designed for clicks, formatting, etc.

And if you can do that select this niche.

2. Technology Niche

This particular niche is one of the most profitable freelance writing niches.

And it is continuously moving upward.

Even I started my freelance writing with this niche and I also had my first blog in the technology niche.

Since new technology is coming on like a daily basis so does the demand for tech writers too.

Technology niche is a kind of evergreen niche for a freelance writer.

There is a lot of gigs in this niche.

Just as an example it was like:

  1. Computers
  2. Smartphones
  3. All Gadgets News and Reviews
  4. Cryptocurrency
  5. Accessories, and

Soo Much under each category.

Just target the right category in which you have some interest and you are good to make a profitable freelance writing business at the comfort of your living room.

3. Ghostwriting

The most lucrative and highest paying freelance writing niche you can ever find.

The pay is higher than any of the writing niche I have mentioned in this post.


As the name suggests, the writer will not get credit for their writing.

The credit goes to the client and not the writer.

That’s why the pay is higher than any of the writing niches.

Ghostwriters are mostly used in writing books, ebooks, and novels.

As you will not get credits for the work done, therefore the compensation will be higher.

The price for each ghostwriter book comes at $30,000 ~$35,000.

The catch here is that even you are not allowed to reveal the name of your client or work that has been published.

So you can’t add this in your freelance writing portfolio.

If you are ok with remaining anonymous and earning the huge income you can join this writing niche.

Read this article if you want to become Ghostwriter.

4. White Paper

White papers are not like some typical long-form content like a blog post rather it is a more sophisticated content type comprising more than 5-10 pages of content.

They are an in-depth report that presents a problem and solution in such a way that it can be understood by the user.

White papers are the most popular in the technology niche.

The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert to write White papers because your source of information and content will be based on Client Interviews.

All you need to do is to write and put all the information together in such a way that your clients get the result that they were looking for.

The Payment in this niche varies and starts from around $3,000 per project, sometimes even higher.

As all the whitepapers are informative documents they are also a very powerful sales tool.

Now if you think that you should be able to nail this writing niche, have some experience because the payments are huge so it requires amazing writing from your end too.

5. Sales Page

Sales page or Landing pages are the pages that convert customers into clients.

Just think if the sales page you write will be able to bring $100,000-$500,000 per month for your client. How valuable the task will be?

That’s unbelievable most valuable.

Most Sales page copywriters charge from $750 ~ $3,000 per page.

This means you could make a lot of money writing a sales page.

But wait.

It requires an excellent set of copywriting skills that should be able to convert customers into a client.

Sales page writing is required in each and every industry as everybody has something to sell online.

This is the skill you can learn through experience.

But for starter, you can give it a shot by learning from CopyBlogger, an amazing site to learn to Copywrite.

6. Video Scripts

Video is the next-gen content in 2020.

So if you can write scripts for YouTube videos or any video scripts in general, then you got the skill that is in high demand.

As different blogs got different niches so do video content also got different niches.

So I recommend that you should niche down and stick to one category so you can charge more depending upon your niche and expertise.

In simple words, specialize yourself in writing video scripts that will make money for your client.

Videos can be for YouTube, Homepage of blog/website, sales videos, and course videos.

7. Academic Content

As the name suggests it involves writing academic contents including basic essay writing for high school students to thesis for Ph.D. students.

Even it involves complex writing from engineering as well.

The complexity of this niche makes this most lucrative as well as the most profitable writing niche for a freelance writer.

As I am a Mechanical engineer writing some reports in this niche is easy for me rather than writing some thesis.

So if you have a degree or equivalent knowledge in some required field writing academic content will be an easy task for you.

Like after learning about the writing and publishing industry I am able to teach and educate fellow authors and writers to make a living through writing through this blog.

Similarly, you could acquire the skill and then work on some niche that you think is suitable for you and you have enough knowledge to pull through the job.

The main advantage I found writing in this niche is that I can show clients my experience to write engineering related stuff as I hold a degree in the same.

Similarly, if you have some degree you can show to your clients then it makes easier for you to get work in that niche.

Apart from that clients can trust you with the work.

8. Email Sequences

For marketing, email is the most suitable option and every company and organization is using to promote their products and services.

Even bloggers, authors, and freelancers are using emails.

So emails are still the big thing in marketing and are not dead yet.

If you can write emails/sales funnel sequences that sells a product/services than you could make a lot of money.

Though writing emails are tricky because you want to promote and sell your products and due to bad writing it can be delivered into promotional and spam tab.

So you have to learn “Email Writing” to do well in this particular writing niche.

9. Press Release Writing

A Press release is the short written information or message that conveys particular information.

This could be a launch of new products or the launch of an event or something similar that requires mass attention.

Basically, it is represented through media coverage and other platforms like newspapers, digital magazines, blogs, etc.

So to covey your message to the mass audience you need to write an amazing press release.

This is why every business hires writers who can deliver such results.

Since Press Writing writers are hired by huge companies and business the pay will be higher.

10. Business Plan Writing

A business plan is typically a roadmap for a startup or established business and how they plan to take their business to the next level.

Established business not always hires a freelance writer for writing their business plan but start-ups usually hire freelance writers.

So if you know how to write:

  1. How their products that help the customer?
  2. What will be the marketing strategy?
  3. What’s the costing and budgeting?
  4. Why invest in this company?

As you can see writing a business plan is not easy. It requires a lot of work to be done.

But it is still demanded niche as more and more new startups are launching day by day.

11. Ebook Writing

One of my favorite niche to make money.

You know the ebook industry makes more than $4 Billion in the US alone.

So there is a huge market for ebook writers.

Not everyone has the time and energy to write an ebook from start to finish. So they hire freelance writers to do their job.

These are basically short ebooks like any free ebooks you get on sites where you have to submit your email to download it.

So for that people usually hires freelance ebook writers.

The pay varies from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $2000.

Though you will not hold the copyright your work still you can use these works on your portfolio (some clients don’t allow so better look into terms and conditions of work at the beginning only).

Not only that you can also write and publish your own ebooks on Amazon to make some extra bucks.

If you want to know how to publish ebooks on Amazon they read my guide.

12. Case Studies

Case studies are the most lucrative freelance writing niche and will always be.

As case studies serve as social proof and drive sales for a company writing case studies about any company’s products are in huge demand.

In simple terms, case studies are basically customer’s testimony but written in a more elaborated way.

This involves:

  1. Their Challenges
  2. What solution they got
  3. What the outcome/result
  4. Conclusion

Furthermore, case studies are a positive testimony that will make the user buy the same products after reading the case study.

The main thing is that the business owners are so busy that they don’t write their own case studies. So they outsource.

And if you have a blog on the same niche or you have used or using the same product then they offer you to publish that case study on your blog only and they will pay you more for the same.

Other high paying niches

So here are some of high paying freelance writing niches that you can also try in 2020.

  1. SaaS content
  2. Marketing Blog Post
  3. SEO Writing
  4. Fitness
  5. Relationship and Dating
  6. Self Improvement
  7. Pets
  8. Personal finance
  9. Speech Writers & Screen Writers
  10. Dietician

Freelance Writing Niches For Beginners

Not all the niches mentioned here are beginner-friendly.

Some of the niches required more experience than others.

So as a beginner you should choose writing niches such as:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Technology niche
  3. Movies
  4. Games
  5. Books

So basically go with that freelance writing niches which requires less experience if you are just starting and you have no experience or expertise in that field.

now if you got experience in some particular field and you want to start freelance writing then choose the same niche at which you have experience.

Then only you can do well in freelance writing.

How To Make Freelance Writing As Your Career?

If you want to make freelance writing as your career then there are a few things you should consider first.

1. Get Knowledge on That Specialized Niche

First of all, pick a freelance writing niche and specialize in that particular niche.

This means learning and writing about the topic in detail.

Specialize yourself in skill and become the best writer in that niche.

Learn a lot. Write a lot.

Just focus on one particular niche and master on that niche writing.

2. Provide Result For Your Client

Learn how your writing can bring results for your client.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your content is or how much experience you have if you cannot bring the expected result for the client you are not worth as a freelance writer.

3. Learn To Sell

You have to learn how to find more clients for freelance writing and sell your writing.

Even though if you don’t know how to write if you can find and sell your service which brings the required result for your client you are better than most freelance writers.

Don’t just focus on your writing. Also, learn the art of selling.

My Final Recommendation On Choosing A Profitable Writing Niche

There are plenty of freelance writing niches apart from the mentioned in this post.

The mentioned freelance writing niches are the one which is on-trend right now and you will be able to find all these works on any job board or freelancing sites.

The most important is to stick to the one niche where you have some experience or have some passion.

That’s how you will grow your freelance career exponentially.

Now if you got any question regarding Freelance writing niche you can ask in the comment section.

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