Social Networking Sites For Book Lovers

If you are a book lover, do you want to find out the best social networking sites for you?

In this post, I will list out the best Social Networking Sites for Book Lovers.

social networking sites for book lovers authors and writers

So if you love to read a lot of books and always in search of new release, a social community of readers and writers is a place where you should be hanging out with.

Far from book clubs and to an author’s reading zone, social networking sites play a huge part in a readers life.

And as a reader, you want to be in a place where you can discuss book topics, share your opinion and give feedback.

And even Authors want to be in such a place where they can engage with their fans, make new connections, and find out about their books pros and cons.

So, to make it easy for you, here’s a list of best social networking sites for book lovers.

Social Networking Sites for Book Lovers

1. Goodreads

Goodreads is a social networking site specially designed for book lovers and authors.

One of the biggest social networking sites for book lovers, owned by Amazon itself, offers networking with friends, book challenges, book cataloguing, giveaways and more…

The main goal of Goodreads is to suggest books to its reader based on the types of books they read and type of books their friends read.

As a bookworm Goodreads allows a reader to add books to shelves, track their reading, ratings, and reviews, and find out what their friend or somebody else they follow is reading.

Things I like about Goodreads are:

  1. It has more than 75 million members including authors and readers.
  2. Owned by Amazon itself.
  3. Best social network for book lovers with millions of book titles added daily.
  4. Easy to keep track of books you read or are reading.
  5. Amazing social interaction.

Things I don’t like:

  1. Reviews on a book can spoil the adventure. It’s a spoiler for people like me.
  2. The site is slow sometimes.
  3. Some discussions and reviews are not for children and teens.

2. LibraryThing

LibraryThing is a community of 2,300,000 book lovers.

Basically, it is cataloguing books from Amazon, the Library of Congress, and from other 2231 libraries.

It also catalogues movies and music.

Offers great networking and has amazing book giveaways.

This can be the best feature for some book readers as you can also lend your books.

Service is free until you reach 200 items and then it is chargeable at $10 for a year or $25 for life.

You will find books is many languages and has groups for every topic and genre.

3. BookCrossing

BookCrossing is one of the smart social networking sites for Book lovers and authors.

There are currently 1,935,010 BookCrossers and 12,739,656 books traveling throughout 132 countries.

Leave a book in the wild and look up books you find.

So your books literally travel the countries from reader to reader.

Signup in their service and you will understand it.

It is better if I let you explore this one.

4. Litsy

Litsy is an Instagram kind of app for book lovers.

Everything happens over the app.

There is no website for it.

It has been bought by LibraryThing. But it is not like LibraryThing.

Post your latest book you are reading, make friends, search by #Hashtags, etc.

It has almost all the features but lacks a central “Groups” or “Talk” like on LibraryThing.

Litsy is available for both Android and iOS.

5. BookBub

BookBub is a free service that will help you find books from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, Apple Books, and others.

BookBub will notify you about free and discounted books.

And the reader has the ultimate freedom to choose the topic or category for which they want to be notified about.

You can also set a notification about your favorite author and you will be notified as soon as they give any offers, discounts or any latest news.

This is amazing to keep a track of everything.

You can get a recommendation from your trusted friends or from the community and even see the Author’s recommendation.

This will surely help you to save some time spent on searching for new books.

6. Serial Reader

Serial Reader is an app based reading social networking site for book lovers.

It delivers you bite sized content on daily basis.

It basically breaks down the books into manageable 20 minutes chunks.

This way you can read on regular basis without like spending a fortune.

Amazing for readers who are not regular.

This is really an amazing feature that you can try.

The thrill to get the next 20-minute chunks the next day is amazing.

And you can keep as many as “series” as you want.

Serial Reader is available for both Android and iOS devices.

7. Comixology

Comixology is an Amazon company, offering a subscription service to millions of Comics, Graphics novels, and Manga.

Its an amazing service for Digital Comic Book Lovers.

Most of the books are available on the same day of release.

You can read your title on your Smartphone, PC, or on a tablet device.

Synchronization is supported across all of these.

A must service to check out for digital comics lovers.

There are many Gift cards, subscriptions, and bundles available.

The only downside was that I was not able to lend titles from my friends’ library.

And you can’t directly purchase comics through the iOS app.

8. Libib

Libib is cataloguing service that allows you to tag, rate, review Books, Movies, Music, and Video Games.

You can add these to your Library by just scanning their barcode.

As a free user, you will have the ability to create 100 libraries and 5000 items.

You can also publish your library, which is super effective to share among your communities.

9. BookLikes

BookLikes is a blog platform designed for Book Lovers.

It helps people share their reading life and discover new books.

You can discover great books by exploring blogs and let others discover the best books.

Writing reviews were never that easy and engaging.

You can connect your reviews to a single book or to the whole series.

Meet book lovers, writers, reviewers, bloggers and explore their reading world.

You can even collect books and personalize your library.

My Final Word

So these are some of the best social networking sites for book lovers.

No doubt Goodreads remains at the top of the social network list for book lovers.

I haven’t mentioned Shelfie as it has been acquired by Rakuten Kobo Inc. and Shelfari has merged with Goodreads.

Now, which social network are you using as a book lover?

Do let me know in the comment section.

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