Speech Writing: How to Write The Perfect Speech

Speech writing is an art but something you can learn. There are numerous occasions when people need to give the perfect speech. Whether it is for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or special occasion people need to give an excellent speech to make the event memorable.

The basis for any excellent speech is well-written content and it should be well-planned and executed. If you’re planning to write a perfect speech, this is the ultimate guide you’ve been looking for! Read on below and write that perfect speech you’ve always wanted!

What is Speech Writing?

Speech writing is the art of writing an influential speech to captivate an audience. Making speeches is important because it can inform or persuade others and make them do something that can change their lives.

It is different from any other piece of written communication because you are writing to be heard and not to be read. Speech writing must be excellently done because not only does it help you connect with a large group of audience, but it also directs them to do a specific agenda. It is one of the most powerful tools for public speaking that requires effective and clear writing.

speech writing
speech writing

What is Speech and How Should it Make You Feel?

Speech is a powerful form of communication that an individual delivers with the proper choice of expressions, examples, and words. It has an important purpose and can explain, inform, educate, and persuade people. When a speaker delivers a speech well, it can move people. If the speaker delivers it with heart and a strong sense of purpose, it can move mountains.

A well-delivered speech can make an audience captivated, determined, and inspired. Speeches should make you feel like you’re reaching out to your audience and making your point clear. It can make you feel confident and can make you have a strong sense of belief that the message that you’re delivering has an impact on everyone’s lives.

Structure of a Speech

The structure of a speech is important because it makes the message clear and organized.

A speech basically has three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

These three parts are essential in writing a speech and it is the backbone of any message you want to deliver to a wide audience.


The introduction s where you state the topic of your speech. It contains the main points of the speech and it tells what you are going to talk about.


The body clarifies each main point in detail. You should be able to give examples, concrete details, and evidence for each main point that you deliver. The body is the longest and most detailed among the three parts so it is important that it is clear and well-written.


The conclusion is the ending of your speech. It summarizes the main points of your speech and emphasizes what you want your audience to remember. It is the closing remarks of your statement and you want to have a good lasting impression on your audience. A well-written conclusion can make an audience wanting for more and can even make them excited to hear your future speeches.

Tips and Tricks for Writing The Perfect Speech

1. Know and Research Your Audience

Knowing your audience is key when writing the perfect speech. You should research the demographics of your audience so that you know what kind of phrasing you are going to use. If you don’t know your audience, some of your phrases would be awkward due to them being incompatible with certain age groups, races, ethnicity, etc. A younger crowd might not appreciate older jokes and vice-versa.

2. Have a Lasting Impression

Being memorable to your audience is an excellent way for your audience wanting for more. Writing a speech that encourages creativity and uniqueness will leave a mark on an audience’s mind. It takes imagination, discipline, and creativity to write a perfect and memorable speech but it is doable. Writing a memorable speech might be difficult but it pays off in the long run.

3. Have a Strong Beginning and Conclusion

The beginning and end of a speech should be consistent and strong. Write the speech in a way that you start strong and also end strong. You can’t captivate an audience if you start strong but end up weak. You can include attention grabbers like jokes, quotes, and playful questions in your beginning and conclusion.

4. Consider Your Purpose and Goal

Before you start writing that perfect speech, consider your purpose and goal. Have a clear purpose to convey your message strongly and easily to an audience. If your purpose and goals are already considered and made, it will help you write an exceptional speech that supports your purpose.

The Difference Between a Good and a Great Speech

The difference between a good and great speech can be minimal but they differ in one important area, the way they deliver their speech. Good speeches try to focus on the speech itself while great speeches focus on the audience’s hearing. A great speech will try to convince, persuade, educate, and inform the audience while a good speech will only concern what the speaker will say.

The difference between the two may be minimal to some people but it has a lasting effect and can make or break a speech.

How to Become a Great Speech Writer

Understand Your Audience

One of the key strategies in writing a great speech is to understand your audience. Knowing your audience will help you relate to them and can make an impact in their lives because they understand what you are saying.


Just like practicing your speech in front of a mirror, practicing speech writing is an effective way to write great speeches. When you practice, you can identify the errors in your writing like grammar, wording, phrases, etc. When you identify those errors, you can fix them and improve your writing until you can make that perfect speech.

Well-structured Speech

A well-structured speech is an important element in creating perfect speeches. The structure of a speech is important because it makes the main points clear and precise. Writing a speech in an organized manner can deliver the message to an audience understandably and clearly. An organized speech provides a lasting impression to a wide audience, so it is important to plan ahead before you write that perfect speech.

If you are interested in speech writing whether it be for a speech you need to write or as a way to make money with your writing, then I hope this article gave you some helpful information. If you are starting on your freelance writer journey, read my other posts.

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