How to write a proposal in 5 easy steps

How to write a proposal

Writers should know how to write in different mediums. Proposal writing involves understanding your audience and writing in the best possible way to persuade readers. The main purpose of proposals is to secure a project or contract. So, how to write a proposal? Continue reading the post to know everything about writing a proposal. If … Read more

Best Ways To Make Money Writing

Make Money Writing

Do words just come to you, and you skilfully knit them for a beautiful and moving outcome? Ever thought to make money writing? If you are passionate about writing and want to monetize this talent of yours, then you should consider selling your creations to earn a substantial income. Not only it will help you … Read more

Freelance Writing Tips For Beginners In 2023

freelance writing tips

Freelance writing tips. Freelance writing is one of the most amazing jobs for you if you love writing.  And if you’ve searched for freelance writing you already know that there are many people who become millionaires by writing as a freelancer.  So yes, it can be a lucrative job. And that’s why it is most … Read more


How To Write Your Freelance Invoice

How To Write Your Freelance Invoice

If you are a freelance writer or work on any other freelance gigs then you should know how to write your freelance invoice. For any business to succeed you need to calculate the time you have worked and bill your client. But for that, you need to have an invoice to send in the first … Read more

12 Best Profitable Freelance Writing Niches for 2023

Profitable Freelance Writing Niches 2019

Are you struggling to find what’s the most profitable writing niches that you can choose in 2022? Struggle no more. In this post, I will share with you the best freelance writing niches that you can choose so you can start your freelance writing journey. These are the list of niches that most freelance writers … Read more