9 Reasons For Using A Pen Name

Reasons For Using A Pen Name When Self-Publishing

Getting your name printed on the cover of a book is one of the proudest moments for any writer, so why do some choose to use a pen name? Well, many authors have experienced success with this strategy and here are some of the reasons which I found to be useful.  Why do Authors Use … Read more

How To Edit a Book: Ultimate Step-by-step Guide

How To Edit A Book Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide

Want to learn how to edit a book? Then in this post, I will show you how you can edit your book yourself or for your client. You know, writing a book is damn easy when you compare it to editing a book. Wait, wait. I don’t mean to scare you but this is what … Read more

Show, Don’t Tell: Tips To Show Not Tell

Show, Don't Tell

Show Don’t Tell. This is a term you have heard many times and you surely will hear millions of times again. But do you really know what “Show, Don’t Tell” means? Well if not then you are not alone. That’s why you are reading this post because you are curious and that’s why I will … Read more