Best Ways To Make Money Writing

Make Money Writing

Do words just come to you, and you skilfully knit them for a beautiful and moving outcome? Ever thought to make money writing? If you are passionate about writing and want to monetize this talent of yours, then you should consider selling your creations to earn a substantial income. Not only it will help you … Read more

What is Authors Insurance and Why You Should Have It

What is author insurance

Have you heard of Authors Insurance and wondered if you should get it? One of my blog readers asked the same question after self-publishing his first book on Amazon. This made me write this post as many of the self-published authors neglect the Authors Insurance. The same reader┬ásent me an email saying that he┬áread somewhere … Read more

Speech Writing: How to Write The Perfect Speech

Speech Writing

Speech writing is an art but something you can learn. There are numerous occasions when people need to give the perfect speech. Whether it is for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or special occasion people need to give an excellent speech to make the event memorable. The basis for any excellent speech is well-written content and … Read more

What is UX Writing?

What is UX Writing

UX writing creates words and prose for a product’s end users. UX writing communicates a software product’s features and functionality to the end user. Desktop and mobile apps, games, and voice interactions are included. User experience writing helps users use websites and apps to achieve goals. Introduction to UX writing The process of UX writing … Read more

How to Write the Perfect Paragraph

write the perfect paragraph

A good paragraph delves deeply into one subject, organizing its discussion of that subject logically. Transitions are used extensively in paragraphs to link seemingly unrelated sentences and make the whole thing flow better. What is a paragraph? Paragraphs are sections of text that make longer works (such as stories, novels, essays, creative writing, or professional … Read more