How To Build Your Freelance Writing Portfolio

How To Build Your Freelance Writing Portfolio

Creating a freelance writing portfolio is so important if you are looking to get clients online. You need to let the readers know who you are and as to why they can approach you when required. It is freelance work that can give you huge recognition and visibility on the online platform when done correctly. … Read more

How to Become a Ghostwriter [2022 Guide]

Guide to become a Ghostwriter in 2019

Wondering how to become a ghostwriter? Let me explain what it is all about and the best ways for you to make it a success. “Ghostwriting” is not paranormal entities sitting at your laptop, typing away. Ghostwriting is the practice of a writer writing on someone else’s behalf and letting them take all the credit … Read more

How to Make a Living Writing Fiction [Complete Guide]

how to make a living by writing fictions

Can I make a living writing fiction books or novel? This is the question I get asked on a regular basis. And in this post, I will give you the exact ways on “How to Make a Living Writing Fiction.” This is the exact way I had to build my writing career. And you can … Read more