10 Reasons “Why You Should Write A Book?”

Why should I write a book?

This is the question many of us have and sometimes we take it a lifetime to figure out why should I write a book?

People come with a variety of excuses for not to write a book rather than finding one opportunity to get it done.

Some claims that they don’t have the writing skills, some says they are not the writer.

Every one of us has some stories to tell but not enough courage to pen it down.Click To Tweet

We all stuck in a dilemma in spite of having amazing contents for the stories.

Sometimes they all lack is the confidence of writing.

So I want to convince you that your stories are worth writing it down and sharing it with the people around the globe.

Your book not always meant to be super thick and should contain 300-1000pages. But it can be short one too.

I published my first book as a Kindle ebook which was just of 32pages containing 14 short stories. Later I even published the paperback version of the same ebook.

So the point here is you don’t need to copy what established authors already done.

Rather you should play smart and by publishing your first book so you can enter the author’s club.

So I suggest that everyone should write at least one book in their lifetime.

And Here Are The Reason To Write A Book.

1. You Will Become Smart

No matter what topic you choose to write, you will have to do research at some point in time.

You will have to learn about the characters, historical background if you are writing stories on some historical events, and understand the principles of the universe in case of Sci-fi stories, etc.

This will act as a source of information for the stories which in turn will help you to learn something more than you already know.

2. You Will Learn New Things

Writing a book is not just about writing a bunch of stories or a full set of novels, it is more than that.

While writing you will learn the writing rules, the characters break down, speech power, scene creation, and imagination, and much more.

It’s not just limited to the above-mentioned things.

You will even know about the types of books, the difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing, etc.
And even you will learn about the technical side of book writing.

And a lot more than you can possibly imagine.

3. You Will Learn Marketing

Publishing a book is just the starting step in becoming a successful author.

Marketing is what separates one author from another. Though stories do play a part, you have to reach to the proper audience first.

In traditional publishing, you will know a lot about offline marketing and face the interviews.

But in self-publishing, you will learn both online and offline marketing.

Your marketing skills will improve in the long run. You will learn Marketing secrets and make you more efficient in selling your books.

Even you can hire people to take care of your marketing needs but you will also learn about who to approach for book marketing.

Writing a book helps you to get lights on you or on your businesses that’s Why you should write a book.

4. You Will Build A Social Presence

Nowadays social media has the power to make or break any brand or business a success.

And writing a book can make your social presence stronger.

You will start gaining followers and fans on your social network.

People will recognize you as an author of so and so book.

You will start to become a brand itself.

And when you see yourself growing up then you will know this is why should I write.

5. It Will Test Your Endurance

Though modern time and tools made writing book and publishing book sn easy task, it is still not a piece of cake to write a book, especially if you are just starting out.

Don’t be scared, you will overcome it.

There are people who take not months but years to complete just one book. And those times it requires a lot of patience and endurance to work in a definite way.

And some people quit in the half.

Those people will hardly succeed in any task.

But you have to be consistent with your work.

That’s how you will succeed.

And book writing is the best way to know your limits.

6. It Will Make You Disciplined

It is not easy to sit continuously staring at the screen and writing.

Not it all of us have the luxury to write our books in complete isolation.

You may have some works going on with you or you may have some other things to do.

Like when I started writing my first ebook I was doing my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and I have to look for it too.

The same type of things can go with you too.

So you have to be creative as well as disciplined that you will write a book in the morning time and then study for your course or do the work at their scheduled time.

And if you follow this procedure then you will become disciplined.

Thus writing a book can make you disciplined in your life.

Only this is that you should have the urge to complete your book.

7. You Will Be Alive Forever

We all are aware of the fact that no one lives forever, but their works do.

And if you agree on the mantra that no one lives forever then writing a book is your best choice.
Because books do lives forever.

You are still reading the play of Shakespeare even when he is no longer with us.

The same principle applies here.

It’s not always that people will only remember while you were gone but also remember you through any of your book scenes even when you were alive.

That’s the impact a book can have.

8. You Will Make Passive Income

For some people writing a book is a business as well as for some it is a career.

And they are making a hell lot of money.

It is not guaranteed that you will be a millionaire, maybe you can, but you will surely make some passive income.

One time work and lifetime benefits.

9. It Will Build Your Credibility

Once you write a book you gain credibility simply because not that many people do it. It sets you apart from the vast majority who haven’t.

People will recognize you as an authority in your niche.

And those credibilities can even land you some interviews from more authority sites.

The higher your credibility increases the more fame you will gain. In turn, you can become a successful author.

For some, it is achieved over a viral post and for some it takes time.

All you need is to be consistent.

That’s how writing a book can help you.

10. You Will Make New Connections

Not only you will make new fans and readers but you will also build connections with other authors, public speaker, entrepreneurs, and other influences from your industry.

A Final Word On “Why Should I Write A Book?”

You know not everyone will write a book.

But those who will write a book will have a life-changing experience as you have already seen the amazing reason to write a book…

It’s not that your first book will become the best seller or will make you a millionaire.

But if done in the right way it can definitely make you live your life the way you always wanted.

Why should I write a book is now answered.

So what’s stopping you now?

Don’t put it off another day. Write your book today. This is the year for you to finally become an author.

And if you need any help do let me know. I will try to solve it.

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