Why You Should Write Online in 2022

During this pandemic and now after the skill that got a lot of attention is writing online.

Now people want to learn it more and more as the work from home is the new normal in some of the jobs around the globe.

Writing online is something that you can start just now and scale later alongside your regular 9-5 jobs.

Apart from that, it is also a very good side hustle to pursue if you want to make a source of passive income online.

“Do remember you don’t have to be an expert to start writing. I didn’t have any prior writing experience before starting this blog or publishing novels. I am a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. Now you can know that writing is a skill I didn’t learn in college or school. I just started and learned along the way.”

Why Do You Want to Write?

So before I get into the topic the first thing I would like you to answer yourself that why do you want to write in the first place. Is writing your passion, your hobby, your dream, or a way to make a side income.

You should answer yourself first.

And depending upon your answer you will choose your approach.

This is because everything takes time and if you treat writing online as a hobby then your approach will be different from the person who is writing online and consider it as their business.

But your hobby can later become business if you want to. So choose wisely and accordingly.

Reasons for Writing Online

Here are the reasons you should consider writing even without any professional experience like me.

1. You Get Paid Well

Let’s be honest here. Most of the people who want to make a side income look into writing because it is the skill almost all the industry looks for and thus there is a good payout.

For most people, this reason might be enough to go ahead and write.

The first major writing gig I did was Ghostwriting. I was underpaid at that time as I didn’t have the knowledge of the rates but it was still more than I have imagined.

For your reference, I was paid $600 for 50,000 words book.

Though according to the current market and the ghostwriters I know they could easily charge $5000+. Now you got the idea.

Another question you might be having is how much you can earn as an online writer? So let me address the elephant in the room.

How Much You Can Earn as an Online Writer

Here’s the juicy part that you might be itching to know. Is content writing a lucrative career option?? How much I can really make out of it?

Here’s the straightforward answer.

Yes, writing online is a lucrative career and you can pretty much make it a full-time career.

I may have started charging low but I was eventually able to get my rates up.

I know a lot of writers who go even higher than what I was charging. Some of them get paid at least $1000 for an 800-1000 word case study or $500 for a single blog post.

And the cost of Ghostwriting is far more than you can imagine.

As a lot and lot of businesses actually willing to shell out this much money for content creation, there is a huge demand as well as great career growth.

Listen, I am not telling that you should aim to get paid $1000 for the very first content you create or become a freelancer.

But as you can see, that is entirely possible once you’ve mastered the craft, finds your ideal platform, recurring clients, and then the growth will progress.

2. You Can Work From Anywhere

Working from home is the new normal and this becomes universally accepted when big corporates also adopted this scenario in this pandemic.

But even before the pandemic started working from home was probably, and unconsciously, the biggest reason I ventured into writing.

I wanted to stay with my family and able to be financially free, that’s why I choose writing to support me financially and fulfill my dream of publishing a book someday.

Writing online has given me all of those and even more. Now, I can work anywhere, and I got to have family vacations anytime it’s convenient.

3. You Work Flexible Hours

Choosing to work flexible hours is another one of the reasons I choose writing online as there are no obligations to work for set hours.

Though I do work for more than 8 hours per day still I got the option to change my schedule according to my need and requirements.

The moment I started getting better-paying projects and better clients, I appreciated the flexible work time more. This is because of the three major reasons.

  1. Firstly, the time to complete a draft varies greatly from topic to topic, the amount of research you have to do, your mood, just to name a few. I would go for projects that allow that time flexibility, but I would set my own schedule to have them done on time.
  2. Secondly, flexible hours mean I could work for 10 hours today and keep the next day free.
  3. Finally, flexible hours mean I could do some miscellaneous activities in between writing as I’m taking breaks.

4. You Will Learn a Lot of New Things

When I started writing online I had zero clue about anything apart from writing.

But when required I had to learn different things on the go. Thus it helped a lot in creating different streams of income as well.

For example, When I published my first short stories ebook on Amazon I had zero sales. The main reason for that to happen was the “lack of marketing”. So as a self-published author, I had to learn the basic level of book promotion and marketing strategies as well.

The skill I learned paid enormously. My first novel reached the top 50 list in the Amazon bestseller category and number one in the free section later when I run the promotion.

Another thing I learned is SEO when I launched this blog.

If you want to create your own blog check this offer at Bluehost. They give free domain with their hosting. Here’s the link you can check out.

Some other things I learned are basic online image designing, Ebook formatting, cover designing, social media promotions, etc.

So yes there are more things you will learn when you face any difficulties in your journey and that can improve your skills and you will learn more and more about things you never thought you have to use in writing.

5. You will have a ton of options because literally, every business needs a writer

All online businesses use content marketing in one form or another and over half of them use blogs to market their product or services.

And 2020 was definitely a time to remember because businesses went online more than ever. This is expected to continue as most businesses are now aware of the online world, from small-scale businesses to larger organizations.

Thus digital marketing, in general, is anticipated to boom in the next few years.

If a business has a website, then it needs content. If a business has a social media account, then it needs content. If a business has a YouTube channel, then it needs content.

So literally everyone needs CONTENT. The medium can be different but the bottom line remains the same.


What I say is that now is the best time to write online. Start small and then you can grow exponentially.

Writing online will open up numerous opportunities and this can be passive as well.

Just like writing a book requires one-time effort but it will pay for a lifetime. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So if you want to know anything else or have any questions regarding online writing ask me in the comment section.

And if you want to learn more about my successful formula to write and publish a book in 60-days you can check out my eBook at “How To Write A Book in 60-Days

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